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If you can’t find a Board that fits your needs then you should checkout Metroboard. They offer lots of different options for Example if you want to go a far distance and don’t care about the weight then just select a bigger Battery. You want a short board? Then choose the sort Version. Check them out.

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Elwing E1..

You love the classic Skateboard? You like traveling? This could be the Board for you!
At 7.7lbs / 3,5kg this is a real light-weight board. perfect for your daily commute and it will not take more space as your normal skateboard. This board is clearly made to cruise in flat areas.
Stary Board.

This amazing Boards is hard to identify as an electric Skateboard. The Battery in packed inside the Deck and it has a InWheel Motor that even contains a Gearbox!

Tech Special
InWheel Motors..

This week we received this awesome Image from
InBoard showing how their InWheel Motor is Setup.
In Wheel Motors don’t only look good, they also have the lowest resistance when pumping / pushing your board without using the Motor.

For Example if your Battery dies then these Boards can be used like a normal Board - okay they have a bit more weight. But they are a lot easier to push then a Belt driven wheel!

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Blink Board from Acton, a nice handy and ultra portable e-Skateboard. Now on Pre-orders and shipping soon.

Visit their Shop at Shop - Blink Board

Or check here for more details and Videos
Welcome on Amped-Boards,
as the electric Skateboard market is growing fast, we made this Site to help People find their product. This is a mark down of the highest rated Electric Boards available on the market. We also have section „coming soon“ to easily show what will maybe hit the market in future. If you are looking into buying an electric Board, this site should help you find all information in one location. You can find a lot of How To Videos, Boards in action and also Reviews of our Best rated Boards. This is not a comparison between the Boards as each Board has its specialties. This Page is to help you make a decision and also to have lot’s of Information from different Channels combined that will keep you updated.
Evolve bustin

auf Amped-boards,
da der elektrische Skateboard markt immer schneller wächst und die Übersicht de aktuell verfügbaren und geplanten boards immer schwieriger wird, hatte ich die Idee zu diese Seite.
Hier könnt ihr die aktuellsten und besten elektrischen Skateboards / Longboards finden. Ebenso deren Preise, videos zu Reviews, Wartungen unboxing, etc und auch aktuelle Shop-links.

Wir haben ein eigenes Menu für alle geplanten Boards, hier werden ausschließlich Boards die bereits über crowdfunding oder ähnliches erfolg hatten und auch demnächst verfügbar sind gezeigt.
Wie ihr vllt gemerkt habt sind viele Boards in Deutschland noch nicht erhältlich, aber wir bemühen uns mit den Herstellern in Kontakt zu bleiben um alle geplanten Einführungen und Händler für euch ausfindig zu machen. Diese Seite ging im Februar 2016 Online und wächst seitdem täglich.
Wenn ihr denkt wir haben etwas vergessen oder ein board hat falsche angaben dann nehmt Kontakt mit mir auf und ich werde die daten so schnell es geht prüfen.
Falls ihr ein Board habt und mir Eure Erfahrungen schildern wollt dann werden ich diese gerne hier veröffentlichen!

Which Board is the Best for me?

There are different type of Boards for different type of users and of course for different type of wallets.
If you are a boarder already and you like the Speed you should look into the Faster Boards like the Boosted Dual’s or the Evolve. If you are a beginner and want to start slowly by cruising on long journeys the E-GO from Yuneec might fit better. Also how does your main Track look like? The Evolve have a option to convert them to a All Terrain Board this would allow to use it on a rougher road.
Evolve All Terain

Will we change the type of Boards on this Page?

Yes definitely, if there are better Boards or new Models available we will update the site in its content to ensure you will always see the latest and newest Boards available. Of course if we get hands on any better Boards we will replace current units shown here. As the electric Board market is growing and a lot of new Projects are in the pipeline we may show more and more Manufactures on this page.

Are we doing own Review’s?

Yes if we get hands on the Boards we will do our own Reviews just for this Page. But we don’t post any first ride or unboxing Videos, as you can find lots of these on Youtube Channels or here in our Video-Section.
We only do longtime usage Reviews like detailed distance test, hill climb and wear and tear. Currently I am doing a longtime Test on the Yuneec E-GO. This is the Main consumer starting Board and is loved for its distance and light weight.
Yuneec ego